Dolphins Game Video Now Up

It was a tough loss, but the ‘Boys played a solid game and battled to the end.


Dolphins game video link

A Tough Night Against the Dolphins

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into building a team and preparing for games like this, and games like this are what it is all about.  The boys played their guts and out and have a lot to be proud of after an all out battle that literally came down to a matter of inches, which is how much short of scoring an extra point we were and how much they made it by in scoring theirs.  There are some personal connections between some of the coaches, and the comments coming back from their team were that this was a tough, hard hitting, and well coached team, which is high tribute to our boys as the Dolphins are a perennial power in this league and we definitely got their attention.

Moral victories are hard to swallow, but I know we left it all on the field tonight.  However, there is no rest for the weary with another tough game ahead of this weekend as we take on the the currently undefeated Vikings Purple team.  In the meantime, #3 Jonathan Taylor, could use all our thoughts and prayers that his injury isn’t serious or that he has a speedy and full recovery after going down late in the game on a hard run and tackle.

Vikings Gold Video

The Vikings game video is uploading now and will be available shortly.  Click here to watch it!

How ’bout them Boys!

Outstanding all around effort today from your Cowboys, beating the Vikings 20 to 6 with huge contributions from everyone! Special shout out to the coaches for all their hard work and for a little extra boost having Cowboys GM Mike Ballard and brother Dave on hand with some timely advice. 1,2,3 Cowboys…WIN!!

New Date and Time for Dolphins Game!

We will be playing the Dolphins on Tuesday, September 24th at Andersen Middle School.  Kickoff is at 5:45.  I realize it will be challenging being on a week day, but let’s try to have the boys to the field as close to 4:30 as possible so we can get properly prepared for this big game!

Coach Mike


Today’s game had to be cancelled due to wet conditions at the Yutan High School football field.  It is homecoming week and they want to keep the field in the best possible condition.  I am working with the Dolphins coach to get the game rescheduled and will let you know as soon as we settle on a date and time, possibly this week on Tuesday or Thursday.

Wednesday Weigh In

Wednesday there will be a league mandated weigh in for players that were close to the “striper” weight of 85 lbs at the beginning of the season.  I will be contacting parents of boys who need to weigh in.  The weigh ins will take place at 6:00 pm on Wednesday the 18th at the same storage facility that we checked out our equipment from.

Practices this week

We are on our normal schedule this week of 6-8 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Having said that, I am working to get our game that was cancelled rescheduled.  It looks like Tuesday may be a possibility for that.  Also, the days are getting shorter and we will soon be limited in how late practice can go.  8 is pushing it, soon it will have to end earlier, but we will try to maximize our use of daylight as much as possible!  Not having a firm ending time can make pick up difficult, but rest assured that there will always be a coach at the field until the last player is picked up.